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  • 1. More Visibility

    a. Go Responsive – Gain More Visibility

    i. From ordering pizzas to getting the latest news to checking in with their friends, more people are using mobile phones to make calls and accomplish different tasks on the go. This trend has made responsive web design a necessity so websites are more accessible, visible and optimized for tablets and mobile devices.

    b. Search Engines Love Responsive Websites

    i. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN favor mobile-friendly websites when presenting search results. Having all of your content in one place with a uniform SEO strategy will improve the ranking of your website, keeping you ahead of the competition.

    2. Boost in Traffic

    a. Go Responsive – Divert More Traffic

    i. With more than 2 billion people across the globe accessing the web through mobile devices, the power of responsive websites can no longer be ignored. Responsive websites increase reach to tablet and smartphone audiences. Users can view and navigate the websites effortlessly – no matter where they are or which device they are using.

    b. Don’t Miss Out on the Opportunities

    i. An estimated 79% of mobile users are likely to leave a website that is not optimized for the mobile experience. Don’t miss out on all the great opportunities by sticking with a traditional website. Switch over to responsive web design to attract more traffic to your site.

    3. Increase in ROI

    a. Go Responsive – Ensure More ROI

    i. Investing in digital marketing to boost targeted traffic is a smart move. However, without a responsive website it is impossible to tap into the huge potential of PPC, SMO or SEO campaigns. A responsive website is inclusive for all users, whether they use a tablet, mobile phone, laptop or desktop, and will give your business a wider reach.

    b. An Enhanced User Experience

    i. A responsive website allows you to have the same content on both desktop and mobile sites, making it easier for you to maintain a consistent brand identity. The user experience will be immensely enhanced by superior functionality and performance. This will result in users spending more time on your website, and that will increase conversion rates and improve your ROI.